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Book Review: What Do You Do With An Idea?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A New York Times Best Seller by Kobi Yamada // Illustrated by Mae Besom

Originally published on Facebook and Instagram, February 1, 2020

This book stopped me in my tracks. Exactly one month ago I launched my blog. But it started with an idea. An idea that I could share my passion for reading to my babies with other moms and inspire them to find quiet moments in the chaos to do the same.

Leave it to a children’s book to perfectly depict how it feels to put yourself and your idea out there. “At first...I didn’t know what to do with it... But it followed me.” “I showed it to other people even though I was afraid of what they would say... that it was silly... a waste of time.”

“But I liked spending time with my idea... I decided to protect it... I gave it my attention.” And in the hopeful optimism of a good children’s book “And then, I realized what you do with an idea... You change the world.”

I’m so proud of my little idea that has started to take shape. And grateful to those who have connected with it and especially my husband, for his support!

This book is so much more than a children's book. It is for anyone who has ever had an idea that begged for attention.

If you have something you can't stop thinking about, that's the universe telling you to chase it. - Rachel Hollis

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself or as a gift, you can use my affiliate link: Proceeds go to support my blog and mission of inspiring moms of babies and toddlers to find quiet moments in the chaos to read to their children every day.

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