Book Review: The Scarecrow

Updated: Apr 29

Written by Beth Ferry, Illustrated by The Fan Brothers (2019)

Originally published on Facebook and Instagram March 2, 2020

THIS is the book that inspired me to become a book blogger. After reading it, I wanted to tell everyone I knew about it. I immediately fell in love with the artistry, the beautiful verse, but mostly the message.

The idea that a scarecrow, made to stand guard, alone, would go against his nature and to save a helpless baby crow. Instead of enmity they share a friendship. Instead of loneliness, the scarecrow experiences companionship. Until one day, the crow does what birds are made to do - fly away - and the scarecrow finds himself alone again. But spring returns and with it new life and new friends.

This book is a reminder that in a world that wants to divide us, we can choose to reach out and love one another. This was my favorite book of 2019 and I could not love it more if I had written it myself.

This book is featured in my post Raising Readers: Books for Building Character and Coping where I explore using books as teaching tools.

This is a book for all seasons! If you'd like to purchase, here is the affiliate link: Proceeds go to support my blog and mission of inspiring moms of babies and toddlers to find quiet moments in the chaos to instill a love of reading.

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