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Still reading.  Still teaching. Always learning.

As a SAHM, I take my job very seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of fun and sometimes don’t get dressed until after lunch.  But I strive to make the time I spend at home with my boys meaningful and memorable. I love to watch them grow and I LOVE to watch them learn!   As a former middle school English teacher, books are a huge part of our daily lives. We read for entertainment, we read to understand emotions, we read to frontload experiences, we read to develop character, we read to conquer our fears and we read to share a connection.


The simple act of reading to a child is a gift in itself, but I have come to find that it matters what we are reading, too.  The right books can be powerful tools in shaping our children's hearts and minds. I realized early in my parenting journey that I had a passion for creating a well-curated library of books in my home and I created this blog to share my recommendations.  


My mission is to inspire moms of babies and toddlers to find quiet moments in the chaos to read with their child(ren) from an early age by recommending methods and materials to foster a lifelong love of reading.  My goal is for other moms to recognize the rewards of raising readers and encourage them to reach for a book every day, for any reason.


I want this blog to reflect a culture that is respectful of others’ opinions but true to our family values.  I strive to “keep it real” on motherhood while creating a positive and encouraging environment for other moms to connect.

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