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Playing Preschool - Unit 4: Clothing

Updated: May 26, 2021

A Companion Guide to Busy Toddler's Playing Preschool Curriculum

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Getting Fancy

By this point in the curriculum, my toddler and I had really gotten in the groove of learning at home. I was learning to improvise when my library didn't have the suggested books and my toddler was learning to match socks. We were both having fun and doing something meaningful with our time together.

Building Background Knowledge

Depending on their age, children will come with varying levels of understanding and vocabulary knowledge about clothing. I think my child knew the names of several items of clothing but not necessarily their function. It seems so simple to us but a "hat" can be used to keep your head warm in winter or shade your eyes from bright sunlight in summer. It's really just a matter of having conversations about the purpose of clothing as you go about your day.

Video Links

Suggested Books

*Books with an asterisk are my Top 5 Picks to Add to Your Home Library for this unit

Additional Book List

Books in bold are also the suggested books in another unit.









Cultural Garments

Getting Dressed

Additional Resources/Activities



  • Developing life skills: take your child shopping for an article of clothing they need. Talk about what purpose it should serve (i.e. they need a new coat for winter), how much money you can spend, etc. Allow them to choose between two options (that you can live with).

  • Days with Grey's Dress Your Bear: A Self-Help Skill

  • Pete the Cat Popsicle Stick "Groovy Buttons" Craft

  • Activity Cards: Button counting (see below in scaffolding/support)

  • Fine motor skills challenge: Sewing buttons for Corduroy

  • Caps for Sale pattern play extension: practice counting and stacking the red/blue/brown/gray buttons on a pipe cleaner in the order described in the book. For the peddler's checked cap, draw lines on a white button with a Sharpie.


  • For matching socks, try Days with Grey's Toddler Matching Game

  • I thought this was a really great way to scaffold counting individual items using a template. The website doesn't exist anymore so I'll just post the image here:

What was your favorite part of this unit? What other books did you read? What other activities did you do? Please share your photos and feedback in the Playing Preschool with Busy Toddler Curriculum Facebook Group in Photos/Albums/Year 1 Themes Clothing

Until next time, may your coffee be warm and your toddler be busy!

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